15. Dead?


She wanted everything, but nothing at the same time. A walking contradiction if you will. She wanted Wednesday nights in her bed with her legs tangled up with yours and her tongue tangled up in a $7 take out container of Chinese food. She wanted drunken Saturday nights to herself with her friends, but her bed to have you in it at 3am when she stumbles in. She either wants to be fucked hard and right, or not fucked at all.. depends on how her day is going. She wants either all the attention in the world or to be left the fuck alone. Contradictions are hard to come by in people, some say that if you find a situation like this, don’t let it slip away. Others will toss it to the curb the second they catch wind of it. Good luck deciding what to do.

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People don’t understand me lately they don’t understand why I can go on feeling like I do and seem so happy but in reality I’m freaking out I wanna cut I wanna drink I wanna break down I wanna lay in bed for weeks I wanna just cry until my eyes turn bloodshot I can’t handle the things going on the flash backs the memories it’s not easy I’m trying to cope but I can’t I want him around but I can’t have that and I’m hoping distance will make this easier on me but It may just get worse I may just go mad but oh well it’s okay I’m perfectly fine. A lot has gotten to me lately and I’m starting to get closer an closer to a break down.

God why do people post things with clowns I can’t fucking stand clowns aghhh I hate them so much !


things that are cute:

  • when girls put their hair up in messy buns and there are a bunch of stray hairs hanging around their face/back of their neck
  • when girls wear beanies
  • when girls wear backwards baseball caps
  • when girls do literally anything ever
  • girls

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